A POV Story – Rayveness

Rayveness - Family Matters Part 1

Stepmom Rayveness is a bit frazzled: she's working on her taxes one morning and can't find her glasses. Young stepson Tyler (Cruise) shows her they're just raised up in her hair -she's a bit absent-minded. She tells the boy to expect her sister (Reagan Foxx) to visit, and as she scrambles to get ready for work, one large breast falls out of Ray's robe, embarrassing her in front of her adoring stepkid. She rushes off, distraught, Tyler following behind her. In her bedroom, stepmom is nearly in tears, unable to compose herself. As Tyler tries to comfort her, she confides in him: "Your father served me divorce papers". "But you guys just got married. You haven't even been together for a year, Did he say why?", Tyler reacts. "He found a younger woman, more beautiful. I saw pictures -she is stunning", she admits. "He can't just treat you like that", Tyler insists. "Listen, my sister is not coming here for a visit, she's not coming here for vacation -she's coming here to help me pack my bags. You see, he told me I have to get out by Monday", Ray spills the beans. "He's entitled to everything. I signed a pre-nup, and if we don't stay married for three years, he gets it all", she says ruefully. Tyler defends her: "You've been a great wife, and the best mom I ever had". Ray is resigned to parting from her son, noting: "In a few weeks, you'll forget all about me". "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen", Tyler counters, running his hand sensually down her breasts, parting the halter that releases them. "Nobody's touched me like this in so long", stepmom murmurs. Putting her hand over his, Ray implores: "Oh Tyler, I need this. Promise you'll always be there for me. "I promise", he replies. Stepmom lightly pushes Tyler backward on the bed and gazing into his eyes begins kneading his big cock, whispering "I'm so nervous with you". She removes his jeans and slowly unveils his erect member. They're passing beyond the point of no return. Watch their taboo romance unfold, and don't miss the visit of Step-Auntie Reagan in Part 2.
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