Abby Winters – Galina And Jenni R – Video Masturbation With Friend

- Galina And Jenni R - Video Masturbation With Friend

Wearing colourful tank tops and short skirts, Galina and Jenni attempt to play chess, but can't remember the rules. So they shyly decide to indulge in an activity they're both skilled at. Galina confesses that she's pleasured herself with her boyfriend, so she's excited to try it with a cute girl. "It's a bonding experience when you can open yourself so much with another person" she explains, before they remove each other's shirts. Jenni is enchanted by Galina's big boobs, and Galina sweetly guides her friend's eager hands, showing her just how she likes them to be squeezed. The girls slip off their silky panties and spread their legs to admire their contrasting pussies: Galina's is neatly fuzzy and Jenni's is immaculately smooth. They gently hold hands and exchange sensual foot massages, while sharing innocent stories of youthful kissing games with other girls. Overcome with arousal, they soon can focus only on rubbing their sensitive clits. Galina dreamily closes her eyes, while Jenni keeps hers open wide, darting from Galina's pussy to her flushed face. Jenni's blissful moans echo through the room as she cums, and Galina follows soon after, trembling with release as Jenni watches her in awe.
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