Alex Legend – Skylar Snow

Skylar Snow - Skylar Snow Begs For The Huge Cock & Anal

My roommate Skylar needed my opinion on a new bathing suit she just bought, so she invited me into her room to see what I thought. Instead of asking her own boyfriend , she asked me because my opinion would be less biased, as she said. Well what I Wanted to say is “you look. Hot as fuck and id love to see my huge cock in your mouth”, but instead I was polite and said she looked wonderful. I guess that’s all that I needed to say before she started begging for my cock anyway. The cum show was so good I had to replay it in slow-motion.
AlexLegend.22.11.25.Skylar.Snow.1080p_s.jpg AlexLegend.22.11.25.Skylar.Snow.jpg


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