Asian Sex Diary – Moemoe – Chubby Amateur Asian Dancer Drilled

- Moemoe - Chubby Amateur Asian Dancer Drilled

PICKED UP A TATTED CHUBBY AMATEUR ASIAN DISCO GIRL AND NAILED HER HARD! Dear Diary – I went out last night but I didn’t catch any pussy. Talked with a few girls but they were all too scared to do a shoot. This afternoon, I changed to another hotel that was a bit more upscale. Then, I went out to the disco again tonight and this time I focused on a chubby amateur Asian girl with a big tattoo on her chest. I knew that this was going to be way easier… and it was! Her name is Moemoe. She is a bit stronger built than I usually like but as she was super easygoing, I convinced her into going to my place for a nice time. She was all ok about it and we really had a great time in my room. Good fuck with a creampie and she clearly enjoyed making a thick Asian porn video with me, as well.
AsianSexDiary.23.01.09.Moemoe.1080p_s.jpg AsianSexDiary.23.01.09.Moemoe.jpg


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