ASMR Fantasy – Lola Fae

Lola Fae - Naughty Student Asks For Extra Detention

Immerse yourself in ASMR FANTASY, an erotic roleplay series inspired by some of the most popular ASMR concepts seen throughout the web. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a physical sensation of tingling that usually begins in the scalp and moves down through the body, brought into fruition by talented ASMR WHISPERERS. These are usually women who make countless videos and podcasts dedicated to whispering and stimulating the triggers mentioned above. These videos are uniquely intimate, and for those of you who want to take that intimacy to another, more erotic level- look no further! Lola Fae has been a very naughty student and, as her teacher, you have asked her to stay behind for detention. She shoots you quick, flirty looks as she writes 'study hall is not for flirting' on the blackboard, her skirt rising as she reaches down to write to reach the bottom of the blackboard. When she's done, she dusts off the erasers for you as she blows the cloud of chalk dust away from her body. There's a certain tension in the air and she sits at her desk, tapping her nails and chewing on bubblegum. She whispers an apology to you- she knows she's not supposed to make any noise in detention, but this is her first time, so she's not really sure what's appropriate or not. You watch as she snaps the velcro off of her school binder and opens it to do some homework. She asks you for clarification at times, and you're glad to assist. The sounds of her pencil tapping and pages rustling underlie her dreamy eyes as they stare into yours with a hint of mischievousness. She needs a partner for a particular exercise, and you accept to help her with it. She comes up to your desk and leans over, a mere few feet from you. You're surprised when Lola reveals that she actually got detention on purpose, hoping to spend some quality time with you, her teacher, when no one else is around. Despite your best intentions, you can't resist, and you let her bend down to your crotch and unbuckle your belt. This video contains whispering and soft-spoken words, skin contact sounds, breathing sounds, tapping sounds, paper rustling sounds, clicking sounds, scribbling sounds, rubber glove sounds, liquid sounds, wet sounds, and binaural/3D audio.
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