Backroom Casting Couch – Chloe In Over Her Head

- Chloe In Over Her Head

We’ve got a young fresh one for ya this week. 18 year old Doggie Daycare worker Chloe is here because getting involved in the biz seems “Cool.” She’s very very fresh and I think this was a lot more than she expected. She did fantastic though, she really gave it the ol’ college try. She comes in and I don’t think she realized it was gonna start at the door. We bring her in and it’s obvious she’s nervous. She does a good job answering Rick's questions, and complies with getting naked. She’s got a fantastic body, and those panties are fantastic... She’s kinda new to masturbating, but she shows us what she’s got. She’s for sure thrown into the deep end when it’s time to put my dick in her mouth but she gave great head. She rides, she lays on her back, we do some pile driver and the chair. She’s actually NEVER tasted a cock after it’s been inside of her AAAANNNNNNDDDD….. turns out she’s never tasted cum before. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK WE’RE GONNA DO?! I wouldn't call her a cum dodger because I think she was just so surprised hahah so I chase her down and give her those last few ropes on her face. Back to the couch she goes, and I think she’s pretty relieved it’s over and that personality clicks right back on. We get her dressed and send her on her way! <3 Cam
BackroomCastingCouch.22.11.28.Chloe.In.Over.Her.Head.1080p_s.jpg BackroomCastingCouch.22.11.28.Chloe.In.Over.Her.Head.jpg


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