Brazzers Exxtra – LaSirena69 And Elsie

LaSirena69 And Elsie - You Can't Fuck Both Of Us!

Elsie and LaSirena live a very competitive lifestyle. They’re always trying to one-up the other, show off their achievements, and just generally make sure that they’re seen as the best woman in the house... Whether it's sports, work, or queen of the bedroom, they need to make sure their curvy seductive selves are top of the food chain. But when Elsie locks down a partner in Manuel Ferrara, she can’t help but hold it over LaSirena's head, shoving all their sexual exploits (literally) in her face. Well, two can play at that game…
BrazzersExxtra.22.12.02.Lasirena69.And.Elsie.You.Cant.Fuck.Both.Of.Us.1080p_s.jpg BrazzersExxtra.22.12.02.Lasirena69.And.Elsie.You.Cant.Fuck.Both.Of.Us.jpg


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