Conor Coxxx – Kay Lovely

Kay Lovely - Power Girl Conquered By Dr Conor With Kay Lovely

Power Girl (Kay Lovely) expects relaxation after her battles against Homelander. The busty heroine is unaware of the eyes on her. In one of his secret labs, Dr Conor Coxxx is spying on Power Girl, and the evil scientist unleashes the ultimate arousal gas on the unsuspecting superheroine. The gas has an instant effect on her, increasing her levels of arousal. Power Girl masturbates in her home - unknowingly without privacy - as Dr. Conor records the live show. Power Girl responds to an emergency about Supergirl's disappearance after her encounter against Dr Conor. Power Girl heads to the evil scientist's lab with only a trap of pleasure awaiting her..Now that Power Girl is completely under Dr Conors sexual , he fucks her tight pussy in several positions. Power Girl cums over and over, slowly submitting to Dr Conors sexual will


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