Dare We Share – Ashley Fires And Aiden Ashley

Ashley Fires And Aiden Ashley - Fighting Over Fresh Meat

Ashley Fires and Aiden Ashley, two women from the same neighborhood, have developed a crush on the same young man, Jay Romero. On a day when his parents are away, they wind up both in his living room, each vying for his full attention. Before long, they corner Jay on the couch, each sitting on one side of him while subtly competing for his affection. Who does he think is prettier? Who does he like better? Would he rather have someone who can cook or someone who knows how to have a WILD night out on the town? Poor Jay can't choose- they're both EQUALLY amazing. Maybe instead of bickering over fresh meat, these two ladies could...share the spoils? This intrigues the two women- it isn't something they had considered. Maybe they COULD work together and show this muscular teen a good time with a good ol' threesome. It's not a bad idea at all... as long as Jay's parents don't find out!
DareWeShare.22.12.12.Ashley.Fires.And.Aiden.Ashley.1080p_s.jpg DareWeShare.22.12.12.Ashley.Fires.And.Aiden.Ashley.jpg


https://k2s.cc/file/2607841d7f4b6/DareWeShare.22.12.12.Ashley.Fires.And.Aiden.Ashley.1080p.mp4 https://k2s.cc/file/dbfd89ac497fe/DareWeShare.22.12.12.Ashley.Fires.And.Aiden.Ashley.SD.mp4

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