Evolved Fights – Fiesty Feminista

Fiesty Feminista - Fiesty Feminista Vs Chad Diamond

Chad Diamond has been on one hell of a winning streak. He's got a pretty big ego suddenly and we figured we should throw a real-life amazon to him to bring him down a peg. Enter Fiesty Feminista who makes her debut on our mixed wrestling site today. Fiesty has appeared on our lesbian site once and she impressed us a lot. She's a BBW with skill and sass to match. She's looking to clean house and take out all our best fighters and she is calling out chad diamond to be her first upset. This match has several submissions and sexual penalties. It's a little back and forth but let's be honest, one wrestler just out wrestles the other. The winner gets fucked in the ass after worshiping the body of the winner. The winner lift and carries the loser onto a bench, fucks their asshole more, and then demands they have an orgasm while they count to ten. If the loser does cum by the winner gets to 10, then the loser is left with nothing but a sore butthole and a ruined ego.
EvolvedFights.22.11.18.Fiesty.Feminista.Vs.Chad.Diamond.1080p_s.jpg EvolvedFights.22.11.18.Fiesty.Feminista.Vs.Chad.Diamond.jpg


https://k2s.cc/file/6dffc9afd2c0a/EvolvedFights.22.11.18.Fiesty.Feminista.Vs.Chad.Diamond.1080p.mp4 https://k2s.cc/file/bd7bb8259ef51/EvolvedFights.22.11.18.Fiesty.Feminista.Vs.Chad.Diamond.480p.mp4

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