GirlsWay – Eliza Ibarra And Kenzie Anne

Eliza Ibarra And Kenzie Anne - Trouble In Paradise: Part 1

Two lesbian couples - Eliza Ibarra and her girlfriend Kenna James, along with Spencer Bradley and her girlfriend Kenzie Anne - excitedly arrive at a resort called the Sapphic Paradise. They are all carrying suitcases and, by their excited chatter, it's revealed that they just arrived at the resort. As they excitedly chat, it's revealed that Eliza and Spencer are siblings, and that they all thought that going on a couples vacation to a resort together would be fun! Once they get their room keys, the couples agree to put their things away and meet up by the poolside in an hour. But there's trouble in paradise behind closed doors since both couples are dealing with relationship problems. It seems like both Eliza and Kenzie are adventurous types while Kenna and Spencer aren't. This causes a lot of friction since there are already arguments about how best to relax at the beautiful resort. Finally, Kenna storms away from Eliza while Kenzie storms away from Spencer. Kenzie ends up finding Eliza alone and they both rant about their lovers, who can't seem to keep up with their wants and desires. Of course, the more Eliza and Kenzie open up to each other, the more compatible they realize they both are. The unexpected spark between them turns into a raging fire as they decide to get hot and heavy, fully embracing their adventurous, wild side.
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