How Women Orgasm – Avery Black

Avery Black - How Women Orgasm - Avery Black

One of the things I love most about Avery Black is her bubbly sense of humor- especially when it comes to some of the 'funnier' aspects of sex! When we asked her about her first time masturbating, she bursts out laughing (and so did I). But then she shrugged and said, 'It's funny since... the first time you have sex is kinda funny, right?' I mean... let's be real, who HASN'T been there? But all comedy aside, Avery shares some deeply personal and extremely illuminating thoughts involving her sexual journey with us, from her beginnings as a cam girl to her current status as one of the adult industry's top performers. Thank you so much, Avery, for opening yourself up to us- we're so lucky to have you! Bree Mills
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