In The Crack – Lia Lin

Lia Lin - E1801 Lia Lin - Montego Bay

Dazz Lin Beauty - New model Lia may seem super slim but she has some fabulous curves in the right angles thanks to her tiny waist. An initial view of her bare crack reveals a very tight and tidy package of feminine parts. Ho Lia than Thou - Lia is now all nude except for the shoes, which also come off later in the clip. She certainly has an amazing arch in her back as demonstrated while sitting on her feet. Her waist looks absolutely tiny with beautiful curves flowing into the roundness of her ass. She does a beautiful ass hole winking show with plenty of close up views. A myriad of excellent positions beautifully show off her youthful perfection with her ass and pussy well out in the open. Cock Lia Implant - Lia’s dildo for this scene almost looks like a solid chunk of ice although is actually rubber. The orgasm from this scene is very obviously fake. Her primary talents may not be in masturbation but there are some beautiful assets to be viewed throughout this clip regardless. Her lubrication is rather spread out making her entire ass and pussy appear oiled and glistening in the light.
InTheCrack.E1801.Lia.Lin.Montego.Bay.1080p_s.jpg InTheCrack.E1801.Lia.Lin.Montego.Bay.jpg


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