James Deen – Alexis Texas And Breanne Benson

Alexis Texas And Breanne Benson - Making Fantasies Come True

James Deen has a knack to be a fucking genie. A literal fucking genie. A man whose main purpose is to offer his fat dick and make slut’s dreams come true. Alexis Texas knows this and made him grant her wish. With the help of their dear friend, Breanne Benson, this fuck fest is gonna make Alexis see a whole new world. They start it off by making everyone comfortable and get into it so they made Alexis start sucking on a dildo attached to Breanne. Alexis is on all fours as she does this, making her sloppy pussy exposed for James to play with... Breanne pulls out her strapped on dildo from Alexis’ mouth and starts fucking Alexis’ ass. Alexis had the spare time of rubbing her sloppy pussy in the process. The two sluts starts doing some lesbian action when James enters the scene with his cock in full glory. Like an intricate machine in a 7th grade science experiment, James inserts his fat cock into Breanne WHILE Breanne’s strap on is still pounding Alexis in her ass. With this, they gave human centipede a new interpretation. They go at this for quite a while. Their hands go around doing some random shit to make everyone happy and keep the party rocking. Eventually, James demolishes form and just starts fucking Alexis hard while Breanne gives a bit of assistance in many forms. But don’t worry, Breanne gets in between them eventually to have some deep dicking herself. This goes on until James comes to his limit. Alexis and Breanne kneels down on their knees at that moment to receive some recognition in a form warm cum. They wait it out like two hungry baby birds with their mouths wide open, waiting for mama bird to give them some food.
JamesDeen.22.12.01.Alexis.Texas.And.Breanne.Benson.1080p_s.jpg JamesDeen.22.12.01.Alexis.Texas.And.Breanne.Benson.jpg


https://k2s.cc/file/7a4e243e73f29/JamesDeen.22.12.01.Alexis.Texas.And.Breanne.Benson.1080p.mp4 https://k2s.cc/file/41783b3f4d4a1/JamesDeen.22.12.01.Alexis.Texas.And.Breanne.Benson.480p.mp4

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