James Deen – April Oneil

April Oneil - The Savior Of Humanity

April O'Neil plays a lot of role-playing games, that means she's saved the world at least a few times. James Deen is impressed by her altruism and winning spirit. It's enough for them to have sex and for James to put his penis between April's awesome boobs. I'm not sure why April likes James, because he's saved the world a total of zero times. But they seem to hit it off well. 'Better than watching your friend play Fallout 4!' April wears a red flannel shirt with nothing underneath and some sexy cheeky panties and some brown thigh high stockings... She unbuttons her flannel to reveal her fucking awesome and squishy tits, he wants to get a handful of these bad girls and squeezes them before they start to make out and he begins to rub her pussy over her panties, April lightly moans. She wants more, he takes off her panties and she takes off her flannel, he lays her on the couch and he heads down toward her pussy, kissing and licking her labia and her clit, April moans and smiles at James’ dexterity with his tongue. His pussy eating is so intense that April has to sit up and practically levitates off the couch and onto her knees, he stands, and she takes off his pants to reveal his big dick, which she promptly puts in her mouth. April gargles his cock but he grabs her head and face fucks her, she chokes and gags on his massive cock, when he pulls her head away, she smiles and giggles, so he shoves her mouth back onto his cock, skull fucking her. It’s gotten too steamy for April’s glasses; she removes them and takes his cock in between her luscious tits and fucks him. Wanting the real thing, James lays her on the couch and fucks her sideways, April moans and gasps at his thick cock spreading and stretching her vaginal walls. April wants to take control of the fucking, so she climbs on top of him and rides him cowgirl on the couch, bouncing her phat ass on his cock, but James can’t help it, he grabs onto her ass and begins fucking her fast and hard, April moans and shrieks as he touches every spot inside her pussy. Now April on the edge of the couch and James on his knees and fucks her lovely hairy pussy, April enjoys every single stroke that he has to offer, moaning and almost whimpering as his cock feels too fucking good inside of her. Wanting more leverage, he lays on the couch and she rides him reverse cowgirl, with her legs spread wide open, he fucks her faster and harder while rubbing her clit, Aprils moans and gasps becoming louder with his every stroke. He bends April over on the couch and fucks her doggystyle, this almost breaks April, feeling everything, he has to offer her pussy, she moans, gasps, shrieks, and screams as he continuously and ferociously fucks her tight pussy. Feeling he’s about to cum, April gets on her knees and sucks his load out of his cock, sucking every last drop of hot cum.



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