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Fu Sazanami - Fu Sazanami Is A Naughty Maid That Tries Out Some New Sex Toys

Raise your hand if you love a girl in uniform. Raise your hand if you love a sexy Asian girl bending over so you can see up her skirt. Today we have both of those in our lovely cute model Miss Fu Sazanami Fu Sazanami is one naughty maid as she likes to get into things that do not belong to her when she is cleaning the house. Today she is busy getting her work done when she notices a big box sitting there that had just been delivered. She of course is curios as to what it is and as she happens to be a very nosy young lady she decides that she will take it upon herself to open it up and take a peek inside. This was a surprise as she finds out that it is not your regular delivery and that the owners of the house had some sex toys delivered. That means these are brand new sex toys that need to be tested out and she thinks she is the one to do it. She takes one out and turns it on to see how it feels. Hmm, not bad she thinks as she rubs it all over her body. She happens to put it next to her nipple and that seemed to really feel good and turn her on. If it felt that good next to her nipple, she imagines that putting it next to her clit is going to be really good and so she tries it. Yup, she now has her day mapped out as she is going to be trying out these new sex toys on her own pussy.
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https://k2s.cc/file/949dd28b67884/JapanHDV.22.12.10.Fu.Sazanami.1080p.mp4 https://k2s.cc/file/497d37f86b935/JapanHDV.22.12.10.Fu.Sazanami.480p.mp4

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