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Miyu Shiina - Miyu Shiina Is Horny At Her Art Class After Watching The Nude Male Model

Miyu Shiina is horny at her art class after watching the nude male model. She was asked to also model nude before and since she was naked and so was he she got really turned on. In her first time as a nude model she was a bit nervous as she had never had her legs spread in front of a group of people. She has a cleanly shaved pussy so it was nice for everyone to enjoy and draw. She spread her legs wide and everyone got to see deep into her pussy and then they all drew what they saw. A male model was introduced as well and the students drew both of them nude together. The male model had his cock right next to her mouth and Miyu could not help but look over at it and her mouth began to water. She loves cock and having one so close to her mouth just made her excited. She was really enjoying the cock when her teacher noticed how wet her pussy was getting. Of course during class she could not do anything but after class her teacher talked to her about how she was feeling. She was very excited still and he told her he would allow her to play with his cock if that would make her feel better. What a kind and caring teacher to do this for his art student. Miyu knelt down in front of him and took his cock into her hands and played with it and stroked it and then she sucked him off. She reached down to her own pussy to masturbate while his cock was in her mouth. What a great art class!
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https://k2s.cc/file/4e764a4d79ee6/JapanHDV.22.11.22.Miyu.Shiina.1080p.mp4 https://k2s.cc/file/df824b5b062d0/JapanHDV.22.11.22.Miyu.Shiina.480p.mp4

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