Lustery – E788 Ant And Stephanie – A Thanksgiving Stuffing

- E788 Ant And Stephanie - A Thanksgiving Stuffing

Some meals are worth taking a little time over, as Ant and Stephanie prove in this Lustery Thanksgiving special, where getting turned on, naked and most definitely distracted while preparing dinner is, in fact, a major part of what makes it so delicious. Beginning with a shared starter of mouthwatering oral sex, the pair then make the most of being bent over the kitchen counter (and the cucumber at hand) before moving directly onto it. As for dessert? Turns out cream pies are good for actual pies too…
Lustery.E788.Ant.And.Stephanie.A.Thanksgiving.Stuffing.1080p_s.jpg Lustery.E788.Ant.And.Stephanie.A.Thanksgiving.Stuffing.jpg


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