Mature NL – Kjirsten Jensen

Kjirsten Jensen - Young Chris Is In Love With His Milf Neighbour Kjirsten Jensen's Big Ass

Naughty MILF Kjirsten Jensen has a secret affair with her younger neighbour Chris. From the moment she moved in her house, the boy had a crush on her. She was the mature fantasy he'd always dreamt of and she was always nice and lovely to the young guy. He'd never imagined that things ever got to where they are now. One day she'd asked him for some help, but to his surprise she explained how much she was attracted to the toy boy. That's when thing turned very horny. They would meet in secret when her husband was away for work and he could have his way with her. He loves all her beautiful curves and is fixated on her big firm ass... It is a dream come true. And today is no different. They have the entire afternoon together. MILF Kjirsten Jensen starts off by teasing the young Chris with her big but and with her legs covered in panties. She knows that's the thing to make him go wild. The boy has an enormous pantyhose and foot fetish. She would get him hard and that's the point she would start to suck him.. Hard. They fuck like wild teenagers and get into every position that feels naughty. After fucking like bunnies and he starts to notice he's about to cum, she quickly places his cock between her panty covered feet and starts jerking him off with it, which makes him com even harder all over her feet. Satisfied they fall on the couch together and hope that this arrangement will never stop.
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