Met Art – Guinevere Huney

Guinevere Huney - Ecstasy

Stunning French brunette Guinevere Huney settles down on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn, ready to watch a movie. It’s a classic black and white film and she’s in the starring role, wearing a glamorous dress and high heels. The green-eyed beauty strips down to her sexy lingerie as she watches herself on the screen, where she lets her dress slips from her shoulders to bare her gorgeous breasts, then peels off her form-fitting underwear. On the sofa, the sultry babe gets naked and runs her hands over her lovely body, teasing her stiff nipples as she indulges her sensual fantasies.
22.12.04.Guinevere.Huney.Ecstasy.1080p_s.jpg 22.12.04.Guinevere.Huney.Ecstasy.jpg


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