Modern Day Sins – Jennifer White

Jennifer White - Mad Fuckers: Neglected Housewife's Needs

Jennifer White has a busy weekend ahead of her. She is pregnant (but not yet showing), and wants to work on setting up a room for her future bundle of joy while her husband is away on a business trip. Suddenly, she is surprised by a knock at her front door. Her visitor turns out to be her neighbor, Jay Romero, who says he's here to help with setting up the room. Jennifer looks confused, asking what he's talking about and how he even knew about that. Jay looks bashful, explaining that her husband asked him to swing by this weekend to help her with some tasks - didn't her husband tell her about that? Jennifer gets huffy, saying her husband DIDN'T tell her about Jay coming over to help, and that's just TYPICAL of her husband, not listening to a WORD she's saying and thinking he knows what's best for her. She already TOLD her husband she didn't need any help this weekend, but rather than arguing with her, he clearly went behind her back and asked for help anyway, and didn't even tell her about it afterwards! Jay looks nervous, so Jennifer catches herself and assures Jay that none of this is HIS fault, and she knows he's just trying to be a good neighbor. She apologizes for snapping at him, and invites him inside, saying maybe she can find something for him to do. Once they're settled on the couch, Jennifer explains that ever since she got pregnant, her husband has been doing what he THINKS is best for her, but he's coddling her and treating her like she's made of glass. Not only is he getting on her nerves, but his 'delicate sensibilities' are extending to the bedroom now and he's afraid to FUCK her the hard way she likes to be fucked. Jay's eyes go wide as she talks so brazenly about it, but he's also turned on. Jennifer suggests that maybe Jay can help her with that, and although he's shocked, he's definitely eager. Jennifer reminds Jay that what she wants is to not be treated like glass, so he should USE his youthful energy and fuck her as hard as he can. Jay happily complies, and they have an energetic fuck session that includes tittyfucking, deepthroating, and piledriver sex.
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