Perv Principal – Gigi Dior

Gigi Dior - The Panty Sniffer

Gigi’s son has been accused of peeping at girls in the locker room, and stealing their panties. The boy is at risk of expulsion and losing his scholarship, and Gigi can’t pay for his tuition, no matter how much she works for it. At the principal’s office, Gigi begs for a way to sort things out, something the sleazy Mr. Fitzwell likes to hear. As he pulls his cock out, the devoted mom blows the principal in hopes of keeping her son in school. Mister Fitzwell fucks Gigi nice and hard, making her call her son while getting plowed to tell him that everything is gonna be alright. There’s nothing Gigi wouldn’t do for her panty-sniffing son’s future.
PervPrincipal.22.12.08.Gigi.Dior.1080p_s.jpg PervPrincipal.22.12.08.Gigi.Dior.jpg


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