Pure Taboo – Spencer Bradley And Mona Azar

Spencer Bradley And Mona Azar - Thou Shalt Not Covet

Mina (Spencer Bradley) arrives at the home of her priest (Michael Vegas), and introduces him to a woman, Valerie (Mona Azar). Although the priest is expecting Mina, he seems a bit confused by Valerie's presence, but still invites them inside. As they talk, it is revealed that the priest previously agreed to officiate Mina's wedding. However, when he finds out that Mina will be marrying Valerie, he becomes disgusted and refuses to take part in the wedding after all... The priest says that lesbian relationships are sinful. Mina and Valerie are hurt and angry, but the priest insists that they should repent before they doom their souls. Mina and Valerie accuse the priest of just wanting everyone else to be miserable like him, since he is required to be celibate. He gets offended, and the women realize they've struck a nerve - he clearly resents women he can't have, especially lesbians. The women are sure the priest is so pent up that ANY temptation will make him falter. He claims that he won't give in no matter what they do, so they work together to start seducing him, determined to see his holier-than-thou attitude crumble. Mina and Valerie ramp up the seduction, until the priest gives in...
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https://k2s.cc/file/c0b1fd552259d/PureTaboo.22.11.29.Spencer.Bradley.And.Mona.Azar.2160p.mp4 https://k2s.cc/file/2fdf66e006025/PureTaboo.22.11.29.Spencer.Bradley.And.Mona.Azar.1080p.mp4 https://k2s.cc/file/b165e1383ce2a/PureTaboo.22.11.29.Spencer.Bradley.And.Mona.Azar.SD.mp4

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