Scoreland – Crystal Chase

Crystal Chase - Crystals Lingerie Love

Crystal Chase chats about her luscious-looking 32GG breasts, and it's easy to tell that she's very proud of them. Crystal's just as proud of her firm, sexy ass and turns around to show her cheeks off. She loves her new lingerie and she wanted to start off this show wearing it. After sucking on her nipples, Crystal reaches south to rub her pussy and clitoris. She sticks in two-fingers. She rubs fast, she rubs slow, she rubs in a circular manner. Her tongue sticks out of her mouth and she makes orgasmic moans. Crystal is busting out with teen tit energy that fills the room. SCORELAND: If time were frozen for 24 hours, what would you do? Crystal Chase: If time were frozen? I honestly might freak out! I'd probably go to one of my favorite spots around and read poetry. Of course, I could do that if time didn't stop. Along the way, I'd do little things to spread magic like kind acts people wouldn't notice until time is unfrozen.


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