Scoreland – Effie Prince

Effie Prince - Effie Needs A Prince

Effie Prince comes home looking tired and glum. "Oh, how tired I am," Effie moans. "These meetings are very tiresome. And my legs hurt. The meetings make me tired." Looks like there's some lonely chick drama going on. "There would have to be such a handsome man there! It's a pity that I couldn't get to know him." Effie starts to fantasize about a different reality with this chap if they had clicked at her meeting. "I wonder how he would caress me? Roughly and passionately? Or gently and slowly? I'd like to feel his gentle hands on me. How he would slide his palms over my skin...touching my most intimate places. His palms cupping my big firm breasts. He would rip my dress off. We'd do it right here!" Effie will have to drain off her big-tit energy by undressing and making herself squirt and cum, pretending she's with her Prince Charming. She needs a prince to come to her emotional rescue.
PornMegaLoad.22.11.19.Effie.Prince.Needs.A.Prince.1080p_s.jpg PornMegaLoad.22.11.19.Effie.Prince.Needs.A.Prince.jpg


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