The Life Erotic – Bella Mia

Bella Mia - Pet My Pussy 2

Alone in a luxurious bedroom, kinky black-haired Bella Mia is indulging in some pussycat play. Flaunting large breasts and a neatly trimmed pussy, she is barely dressed in stockings, garters, platform shoes, nipple clamps, a collar, and cat-girl ears worn with cute pigtails. The horny finishing touch is a fuzzy, dip-dyed tail, held in place between her ass-cheeks with a buttplug... In feline mode, she crawls across the bed and removes her tit-clamps with her teeth. She teases her nipples with the chain, then stretches and flexes her beautiful body, rolling on the soft covers. She pulls the tail between her legs, tugging on the plug in her asshole as she works the length against her crotch. On her knees she slips a manicured hand between her thighs and bucks against it. Next, it’s claws-out time, as she rakes the leather headboard with her polished fingernails, while presenting her fabulous booty and wagging the tail. She humps rhythmically against the sheets, insatiable as an alleycat in heat. Then she lounges on her back, toys with the nipple clamps again, and pauses to caress her globes before she resumes masturbating. One finger reams her pink, teasing her lips and clitoris. Then, as she crouches, one hand claws and grips the covers as the other takes care of her snatch. Doggie-style is not an option for this lust-crazed kitty, so she rolls on her back, focussed on the ultimate self-pleasure – and she won’t be hurried. As her fingers home in on her sensitive spots, the tail pokes out her ass, twitching as she rubs her clit even harder. She pats and spanks her slit, smears it with saliva, then works it towards orgasm, on all fours again. She squirms her ass and circles her fingers, flipping over on her back, to mew and yowl in ecstasy as she cums long and hard. The picture fades, but this cat is only just getting started...
TheLifeErotic.22.12.01.Bella.Mia.Pet.My.Pussy.2.1080p_s.jpg TheLifeErotic.22.12.01.Bella.Mia.Pet.My.Pussy.2.jpg


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