The Life Erotic – Erika E

Erika E - Cute Tail 2

Green-eyed Ukrainian blonde Erika E is the cutest cat-girl. We find her at home in her cozy, pink-lit bedroom, dressed in pure and innocent-looking white lingerie, topped off with fuzzy white pussycat ears. Crouched on all fours, she strokes peachy ass-cheeks, bared by her simple, snowy-white thong. Then she takes a pastel-pink and white fake tail, and licks the metal butt-plug it’s attached to. She winks playfully, then peels her panties down and off to expose her shaved pussy. Ass to the camera, she teases her crack with manicured fingers, warming up her pucker before she eases the plug inside of it. Immediately blissed out, she caresses the tail, letting it slip through her hands, then squirms her butt to wag it. On her back, thighs splayed and knees bent, she flaunts her puffy snatch then begins to masturbate. Her fingertips strum and circle her engorged clit, then she dips the middle one into her slurping-wet hole. The plug stretching her ass makes every sensation more intense, and within moments she is whimpering, on the brink of cumming hard. She rocks back, bare feet raised and toes pointing, switching between plowing herself deep and reaming her clit. Her beautiful body glows rosy-pink in the light and, as her fingers hit her sweet spots, her asshole clenches, twitching the tail. She keeps control, although her moans become louder and her long, graceful limbs spasm. On the brink she takes a candy-pink vibrating dildo, pushing the main shaft inside of her snatch and working the clit-tickler against her nub. Balanced on her feet and one hand, with her ass and back raised clear of the bed, she bangs herself to an explosive orgasm, then slumps back on the sheets and convulses as she cums. Gasping at even the slightest touch, she slowly drifts back down to earth, now a contented kitty, with the vibe still buzzing inches from her ass…
TheLifeErotic.22.12.05.Erika.E.Cute.Tail.2.1080p_s.jpg TheLifeErotic.22.12.05.Erika.E.Cute.Tail.2.jpg


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