The Life Erotic – Lady Lyne

Lady Lyne - Anal Toy 2

Lying prone on a daybed in kinky PVC fetishwear, stockings, garters, and spike-heeled boots, sexy brunette Lady Lyne is checking out a new book. Anal sex is her latest obsession, so naturally she is enthralled by ‘A Guide For Ass Play’. Next, we find her kneeling on her haunches, sucking on a long and slender curved glass dildo. Reading about backdoor orgasms gets her hot and horny – then it’s time for action. She lies back, flaunting her large breasts in a topless bustier, then strips off her thong, legs in the air. Thighs splayed, she teases her clit with scarlet-polished fingertips, then squats so she can reach back to insert one in her tight asshole. Shot in sharp close-up, she slides a second finger inside of her lubed butt and dips another between the moist folds of her pink. She moans in delight, squirming her body, then lies back on the bed and tastes herself off of her digits. She grabs her crystal toy, grinds it against her crack, then slides the ridged shaft in her asshole. Her free hand continues to tease her clit as she plows herself, then she grabs one of her big tits before rolling over to take the length doggie-style. Her cries become even louder as she sinks it in deeper, then twists her body so we can see the ecstatic, lust-crazed expression on her face as we watch her bang her butthole. Lady Lyne pauses to lick the dildo, then resumes pounding her ass as she frigs her clit. Her contortions and high-pitched sighs betray how close she is to orgasm. Somehow, she manages to hold off cumming – then, when it finally hits, her blue eyes look right into the camera’s lens. Now it’s all about the afterglow: she sucks on the glass toy and caresses her curves – and her fingers keep straying back to her asshole…
TheLifeErotic.22.11.19.Lady.Lyne.Anal.Toy.2.1080p_s.jpg TheLifeErotic.22.11.19.Lady.Lyne.Anal.Toy.2.jpg


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