The Life Erotic – Lucia A

Lucia A - Its Time 2

Sexy Lucia A, a heavily tattooed blonde with multiple piercings, arrives home from college to find a vintage-style clock on her dining table. A glance at her wall-clock tells her the time needs to be adjusted – and, mesmerized by the device, she moves its delicate metal hands. Then she strips to reveal a semi-transparent pale-pink teddy – a contrast to her cozy black dress, chunky boots, and heavy submissive’s necklace. As she moves, the sheer, thong-back teddy offers glimpses of her ass, and her perfect breasts with pierced nipples. She is now in an erotic trance and sits on the glass-topped table, hands stroking her curves. Then she retrieves a curved glass dildo from her purse, and licks the shaft before removing her teddy... Thighs splayed, she begins to masturbate her shaved pussy, inserting two fingers between her fleshy lips then sinking them deep inside. Shot from beneath the table, her ass-cheeks flatten against its glass top as she plows her juiced-up hole. Displaying her impressive ink, she caresses her tits, then sucks the dildo before trailing it down to her snatch. She grinds the bulbous glass head against her clit, then sinks it inside – as her churned-up cream oozes out, she smears it over her pink. She arches her beautiful body, tastes her own pleasure off of the toy, then gets up to screw herself standing doggy-style. She trails the dildo up along her crack, then slips it in her tight asshole, moaning as it opens her up. Parting her cheeks wide, she plows her anal opening, an expression of intense pleasure on her face. She sucks on the thicker butt-end – three stacked glass balls – and crams it deep in her pussy. Her body tenses, then bucks and trembles as she bangs herself to orgasm, then lies back on the table, spent and totally satisfied.
TheLifeErotic.22.11.23.Lucia.A.Its.Time.2.1080p_s.jpg TheLifeErotic.22.11.23.Lucia.A.Its.Time.2.jpg


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