The Life Erotic – Stefany

Stefany - Golden Touch 2

Every inch the ultimate Hispanic honey, sexy Stefany is set for kinky fun. Bound with her arms raised, she flaunts her incredible body in a short bolero jacket, fedora, and kinky thigh boots that leave her perfect breasts and trimmed pussy on show. She has a cute navel piercing, and tanlines draw attention to her tits, rosebud nipples, and thick, dark bush... Slowly, she spins to reveal her peach of an ass and sassy blonde ponytail – and we see that, beneath her bondage cuffs, she is wearing long, golden-satin gloves. She bites down on the chain between her wrists and frees herself with ease. Then she strips off her bolero, hangs up her hat, and lounges back on the leather couch, thighs splayed. She begins to masturbate, relishing the sensation of the smooth, shiny fabric against her fuzzy snatch. She sniffs and tastes her juices, then reaches for a small black sex toy. Her fingers keep her juices flowing as she sucks on the shaft, then she grinds it in between her puffy lips before inserting it. She uses it as a dildo, letting out soft moans, then hits the vibrator button to buzz her clit in between plowing her juiced-up hole. Stefany’s pretty face is a portrait of pleasure as she stirs and churns the vibe deep inside of her. After every couple strokes she draws it back out, trailing the glistening-wet shaft over her pubes. Soon, she is on the brink of orgasm and sprawls back, one leg raised, cupping a breast as she pounds the deep-pink contours of her crotch. She rocks her ass on the hide seat, humping against her toy. Her movements are elegant and controlled – she's no screamer, but her climax shivers through her, slow and intense. For just a moment she lies back and allows herself to savor her own satisfaction, before dressing, then leaving the room with a confident stride...
TheLifeErotic.23.01.10.Stefany.Golden.Touch.2.1080p_s.jpg TheLifeErotic.23.01.10.Stefany.Golden.Touch.2.jpg


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