Touch My Wife – Katrina Colt

Katrina Colt - Taken

They never expect pillowtalk to lead anywhere, do they? When my beautiful wife Katrina Colt confides in me that she's fantasized about being 'taken' by 2 strangers, tall dark men - she gets my Spidey senses tingling. I'm a man of means & I can make this happen. So a few days later, when 2 big masked strangers (Jay Bangher and Jonathan Jordan) 'break in' to our house and grab Katrina, she is shocked but ready for them. They grab her from the kitchen, feeling her up under her robe and lingerie. They carry Katrina to our bedroom and throw her on the bed. They pull her panties off and start to finger her, she takes their BBCs in her mouth. She gags as they press their massive cocks into the back of her throat. One of the studs enters her cunt from behind, it's already soaking wet from the action before - but she is not used to anything that big at home and you can tell she is struggling with the stretch. They spitroast the horny whore, making her cum over and over as they fuck the living hell out of her. Choking, slapping, hair-pulling - she takes it all like a champ! She begs them to cum deep inside her and the homewreckers are happy to oblige. Fantasy fulfilled!
TouchMyWife.22.12.02.Katrina.Colt.1080p_s.jpg TouchMyWife.22.12.02.Katrina.Colt.jpg


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