XL Girls – Sarah Rae

Sarah Rae - The Sheer Body Stocking

There's a potential lose-it moment at 6:09 in this Sarah Rae video when she says "I feel your pre-cum all over my clit" as she's fingering her pussy. This is but one of many horny moments over the course of this XLGirls.com video. Prepare to fall in lust as Sarah nearly melts the lens in her fifth erotically hyper-charged cam show (not counting two interview videos). Hot masturbation and tit-play is the name of the game. Sarah became a Jedi mistress at tit tricks, from self-sucking to boob jiggling through chest muscle control. It's great to see someone so into her breasts. This warms the heart of the tit-man. For us, a threesome with Sarah Rae is Sarah and her two knockers. "I get asked a lot of the same questions. Like how big are they? Are they real? Does my back hurt? Do I like sucking my nipples? etc. etc. Yes to everything except my back hurting. I don't know why everyone thinks its such a struggle for me to have huge boobs. I love them and can't say one bad thing…
PornMegaLoad.22.12.06.Sarah.Rae.The.Sheer.Body.Stocking.1080p_s.jpg PornMegaLoad.22.12.06.Sarah.Rae.The.Sheer.Body.Stocking.jpg


https://k2s.cc/file/50cb449c47fe5/PornMegaLoad.22.12.06.Sarah.Rae.The.Sheer.Body.Stocking.1080p.mp4 https://k2s.cc/file/f357560bdfeba/PornMegaLoad.22.12.06.Sarah.Rae.The.Sheer.Body.Stocking.480p.mp4

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